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We support and build out Future Earth global programming through local projects with our research networks, private and public partner institutions, and the broader community, to advance transformations to sustainability.

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Sustainability in the Digital Age

An initiative working to build a global network of technology experts, systems scientists, and change-makers to foster collaboration and leverage the digital revolution to transform society toward a more sustainable and equitable world in the digital age.

At the epicentre of Artificial Intelligence innovation in Canada, the Montreal Hub is spearheading this initiative, as part of Future Earth’s global research priority on Societal Transformations for a Healthy and Equitable Planet.

Sustainability in the Digital Age

Science-Based Pathways for Sustainability

Businesses, cities and governments are calling for targets to help them manage their impacts on Earth systems like land, water and biodiversity for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Future Earth is providing the much-needed scientific guidance behind the target-setting process. In Canada we are mobilizing a Canadian-based team to help develop targets for our land and seascapes.

This work is part of Future Earth’s Earth Targets initiative, tapping into local scientific knowledge and practice to develop science-based targets on local, regional, and global scales, in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Building science-based targets for Canadian ecosystems leveraging digital tools

A workshop of Canadian Earth system and social scientists, and representatives from civil society and government to explore cross-sectoral collaboration in support of science-based targets for Canadian ecosystems in a global context. The first of similar convenings taking place around the world. This initiative was supported by federal granting agency, NSERC.

Knowledge synthesis to inform Canada's post‐2020 vision for biodiversity and the SDGs.

An initiative to assess progress, roadblocks and tradeoffs in Canada’s contributions to the 2020 Aichi targets, as input for a post-2020 biodiversity framework. This initiative is supported by federal granting agency, SSHRC.

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