Leveraging the digital age to drive transformative system changes for a climate-safe, sustainable, and equitable world.

Sustainability in the Digital Age operates under four main interrelated streams of work:

Research & Innovation

Digital Disruptions for Sustainability (D^2S Agenda)

A framework exploring the opportunities and challenges of leveraging the digital age to disrupt existing economic, governance, and cognitive systems that are maintaining society on a carbon-intensive and inequitable path.

Training & Networks

Leadership in Environment and Digital innovation for Sustainability (LEADS) program

Graduate training in collaboration with Concordia University and other partners, supported by NSERC, a federal granting agency.

Policy Standards & 
Best Practices

Montreal Statement on Sustainability in the Digital Age

A call for global collaboration among business, civil society, research and innovators to focus on leveraging AI and the digital age to help build a sustainable and equitable world. 

Collective Foresight and Intelligence

Futures CoLab

A network of diverse international experts, a platform for online collaboration, and a process for asynchronous and facilitated dialogue. The goal of Futures CoLab is to enable subject matter experts to collectively explore solutions to global systemic challenges. A collaboration of MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and Future Earth.

Futures CoLab Exercises:

Broadening the dialogue (2018)

A scenario development exercise in partnership with the ClimateWorks Foundation exploring  alternative futures for climate philanthropy in 2018.

Disrupting Systems for Global Sustainability

An online facilitated dialogue in 2019 to explore disruptions to the systems sustaining unsustainability.

Planetary Security Scenarios

A predecessor platform to Futures CoLab in 2017 was used to develop scenarios on how climate change might affect human security over a 3-5-year period.

Global Risks Perception Report 2020

The first edition of a new annual report providing an overview of the global change scientists’ perceptions on global risks. This landmark report provides an important opportunity to bring scientists’ voices into the global dialogue on risks.

Rapid Foresight Survey

COVID-19 crisis: Where do we go from here? A survey to take the pulse of the global population at this unique moment and help inform recovery strategies.